Obligatory First Post

Thanks for joining me! Welcome! I’m Alex.

I’ve had people tell me for a while that I should start a blog about all of the crazy stuff going on in our lives and I need an outlet for all of this anyway. So here I am!

Names and some identifying details may have been changed to provide some degree of anonymity (I may or may not change my mind about wanting anonymity later), but otherwise the experiences and stories are real.

Here’s a pretty basic about me post.

The main topics I plan to discuss, although this list will likely evolve over time:

  • Gender Identity: mine, my daughter’s experiences, educational/advocacy information on the subject
  • Deafness, deafness, and hearing loss: my family’s experiences, our experience with the IEP process and fighting to get the services our daughter needs, ASL, educational/advocacy information on the subject
  • Parenting, family, and marriage: funny stories, challenges, triumphs…basically the good, the bad, and the ugly. Keep it real!
  • Mental Health: my struggles, my husband’s struggles, and how those impact our family and our lives. I’m sure educational stuff on this topic will also be posted from time to time.
  • Religion: I’m pagan, but still working to integrate it into my life. My posts will be about that as well as any educational information that might strike my fancy at the time.
  • Politics: While I plan to avoid posting about politics as a standalone topic, I’m sure there’s times I will mention politics when it is relevant to a greater topic that I’m discussing. Many of the issues I plan to discuss here are inherently political in nature in this country, so when it’s relevant, I’m not going to shy away from the political side of things.

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton

I welcome all followers and people are always welcome to share my posts if they are so moved to do so.

Person standing in front of sunset overlooking the scene below them. The details of the person and the scene below are unclear and only shown as shadows.

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