Take “as needed”

Oh man, I need to talk to my prescriber about trying out something different for anxiety. I spoke to her last time about this and she has had me trying Propranolol. Which seems to sorta be helping…I think? It’s hard to tell because I know I don’t take it as often as I probably should be taking it.

My prescriber told me to take it “as needed” but the problem with that is that every time I waste far too long debating if that’s really going on and if I really need the meds or not. You know that battle in your head trying to convince yourself to seek medication and therapy for the first time? (Do I really need it? Am I just overreacting? What if it’s not anxiety but really ______ instead?) It’s like that every time as I have to convince myself to take it. Like I give myself fucking anxiety debating if I need the anti-anxiety medication. I really feel like I need something I can take on a regular preventative basis. Ideally once a day because I suck at remembering mid-day pills.

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