Magick: Is it Real? Does it work?

Generally speaking, I feel like it depends on how you define magick. What you see in Hollywood, that doesn’t exist. But I do think real magick does exist.

To me, magick is more akin to prayers. It’s about focusing on what you hope will happen and trying to make it manifest. Pagans tend to use more tools than Christians in doing so. We also tend to believe more in these things being under our control while Christians see these things being more under God’s control.

I haven’t cast a whole lot of spells. I’ll sometimes do little things here and there when people request prayers, but they’re basically just informally sending good vibes/energies (which means more in a magickal sense than they do in a mundane sense). But classic spells in the sense that come to mind when people think of spellwork…those have been few and far between.

But my most important ones? They’ve worked.

We’ve had issues with infertility. With our youngest, I didn’t want to do fertility treatments again. We had been trying nearly a year. I was losing hope that we’d ever get pregnant on our own. Then the night of the super moon we had back in November 2016, my family went out to check out the moon. As we were standing there staring at it, I made a plea to the goddess and made up my own spell on the spot. Fast forward a couple of weeks, and I get a positive pregnancy test just before Christmas. And 9 months later, she was born.

Now about 2 weeks ago, I cast a spell for good financial luck and to help me find a new job that’s a better fit. Again, it was a spell made up on the spot from the heart. Then today a online acquaintance reaches out to me with a potentially amazing job opportunity. Like possible dream job type of opportunity. It’s the first time I’ve ever had someone try to recruit me like this. It feels good! There’s still details to discuss, but overall, I’m really hopeful that this will work out.

For both of these things, the timing is just too spot on for it to be coincidence. I do think at times spells and magick can make a difference when you work from the heart and out of sincere need.

Of course I’m not foolish enough to think it’s a full proof system. I know the world doesn’t always work out the way we might want it to. But I do think that sometimes you can directly make a difference in how things work out.

Here’s hoping that this job leads turns out to be as promising as it seems.

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