FB Hiatus – Will it help?

I’ve been struggling HARD CORE at work lately. Crippling anxiety that prevents me from getting much done on any given day. My most substantial way of escaping my anxiety is switching to looking at FB. I escape because I haven’t found an effective way to actually deal with the anxiety and work through it. The only thing that “works” is to avoid it until I can work up to confronting it…which obviously isn’t actually a practical solution.

So my therapist has strongly encouraged me to take a break from FB for at least a month. This honestly feels like an impossible task…which I recognize is probably a sign that there is a problem there. But it is my core social connection as well as news source and access point for various support groups. Yes, I spend too much time on it, but I fear that without it I’ll lose what little connection I have to people and/or that I’ll miss details about various political developments as well as the information I gather from the various support groups. But I’m going to give it a try. Because SOMETHING has to give. I’m in an unsustainable situation right now (substantial job hunting will also be beginning after the holidays).

I’m already having a hard time with my anxiety and I’ve only been off it for a couple of hours. I don’t know how to handle my anxiety without FB as an escape. Gah!! There will likely be a lot more posts here over the next month as an attempt to deal.

I’ve been trying to address my anxiety and distractibility with my prescriber for months now without finding the right solution. I’m getting extremely frustrated with this. It took me a while to convince her of the degree to which it’s an issue. Then we’ve had to try multiple things…which of course is a time consuming process since you have to try something out for a few weeks to know for sure if it’s going to work or not. I really want to find a solution on that front too. I know meds don’t solve everything, but I haven’t been able to resolve this on my own and I’ve tried a number of different things and none of them hardly make a dent in it.

The way this medication process has dragged on is making work particularly difficult to navigate. I’m sure to them it looks like I’m not taking steps to improve things. But it’s not for a lack of trying. It’s just that you can’t guarantee that you’ll get the right meds right away. Uugh…

Me trying to will myself to stay focused on my work…

Titled "Panic". Person crying, flushed face, with a frowny face heart saying "I need to get out of here!". Other labels on the image: hyper-ventilating, heart goin' crazy, can't breathe, sweaty palms.
Source also contains a number of other good anxiety related comics.



The first 60 seconds of a panic attack.
Source: http://www.ruwhim.com/?p=48718 Excuse the spelling error, not mine.

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