No FB – Days 2 and 3

[note: typed earlier as the subject title indicates, but posting majorly delayed. I blame holidays and vacation chaos.]

Classic me, I make a plan to try to post daily, and immediately skip a day.  Life takes over even the best intentions.

Yesterday afternoon ended up being taken up with a grocery trip, dinner, having Jessi make cards for teachers, wrapping teacher gifts, and making reindeer noses (see below) for Jessi’s school party today. Because, in classic busy parent fashion, there’s nothing like waiting till the last minute.

A tray of small pretzels, each with a slightly melted rolo on top, and a red m&m on top of the rolo.
Reindeer Noses

After getting the kids to bed, it took me most of the night to finish up my work. But now I’m FREE!! No work for 2 weeks. It’ll be amazing!

As far as the tarot card for the day, Lovers, I honestly have no idea what it was referencing. Hardly interacted with my husband that day. I did have a crush on my mind and talked with a friend about it a little, but that was something pre-existing and the conversation already in motion before drawing the card. So who knows. Love for my children? Love for the holiday? Not typically what I associate with the Lovers card.

Today has been packing and trip prep. I was doing good until I sat down at my computer to check my to-do list…then total ADHD rabbit hole…

  • Update my to-do list.
  • Check if book my husband was looking for was available on library’s e-book lists (it is).
  • Message my mom about something.
  • Remember my list. Go back and finish checking off things that are done.
  • Add a few things.
  • Remember that we won’t have wi-fi on the plane and start thinking of prep we need to do for that.
  • I decided to make sure my Google Drive files were set to be available for offline access.
  • They weren’t.
  • Get to the bottom of setting that up.
  • Double check that it’s working right.
  • Realize that my old Book of Shadows file that I just imported from my old computer is still in Word doc format. I want to use that for a ritual today and know it needs updating. Spend an hour fixing the formatting because damn…whatever I did before (I haven’t used the file in several years) looks like crap!
  • Remember that I hadn’t posted yesterday and needed to pull a card for today and post for today.

LOL…ADHD vortex sucked me in…

As for the whole no FB aspect of things. I do think it helped me yesterday. I was the most productive and focused for work as I have been in ages…which isn’t saying a whole lot, but I’m still happy at the improvement. I also think the anti-anxiety med I’m on (Buspar) might also be starting to kick in to help. (Probably should have waited until the meds had had their full chance to kick in before cutting FB to have a better idea of which thing helped…but oh well.)

The one thing that sucked about staying off FB yesterday was finding out that a friend had her baby. I did make a quick exception to log in and see a pic and say a quick congrats, but I wanted to lurk around to see more updates. They’re a couple who posts a lot and I’m sure there’d be updates. I’m having a hard time not logging back in to see more.

Today I’ve found it an annoyance to stay off FB. Wanting to hop on to ask questions of FB about this, that, or the other thing. Wanting to see political updates of friends as we hear how Trump is going on about how a shutdown would be a long one. Which is probably better for my productivity overall, but annoying nonetheless because I want to hear about these things.

So with that said…today’s card is… [I never did that drawing]

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