Card of the Day: The World, followed by The World reversed

Yup, that’s right, I got the same card back to back 2 days in a row. Two days ago, my tarot card of the day was The World. Yesterday it was The World Reversed.

Typically it’s considered a happy card signifying achievement of success, culmination of events coming to a (usually positive) conclusion. Generally, it’s a pretty good card to get in a reading. To be honest, I have NO IDEA how it relates to my day 2 days ago…that day was awful. Though the reversed card yesterday makes more sense. Reversed cards for me have tended to be a version of the card flipping its meaning on its head and giving it the middle finger so to speak.

The last two days have been, quite bluntly, shitty. Sammy and I both have colds. MIL couldn’t watch the kids because she’s sick too. So I was on my first days back from vacation spending the afternoons trying to double up adding parenting on top of trying to work. Which worked about as well as you can imagine. Very little work got done.

First Sammy wouldn’t go down for a second nap despite taking an early one that morning and clearly being tired…both days. I know she’s pretty much past the 2 nap kind of days, but damn, she needed it.

Then Jessi’s school misinterpreted my call about Jessi coming home instead of grammy’s and thought I was going there to pick her up, when I really just wanted the bus to drop her off at home instead of Grammy’s. So after waiting for the bus, which was later than usual, I also had to rush over to the school to get her late as she’s standing there waiting with her teacher. :/

The afternoon was filled with a bunch of parental guilt of splitting my attention between kids and work and fail at both in the process.

Dinner and bedtime were pretty much a shitshow. Sammy hasn’t gone to bed before 9:30 since we got back from vacation. Last night, I tried for 3 hrs before Greg got home and took over…and of course she then was out less than 20 min later.


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