About Me

My name is Alex* (pronouns are they/them). I’m a parent of 2 kids, grappling with all the moving pieces of a life that doesn’t always fit inside society’s preconceived boxes.

Myself, I’m non-binary (AFAB), pansexual, pagan, and struggle with depression, anxiety, and ADHD. I also work a full-time corporate job, but often am able to work from home.

My family includes my cis straight husband Greg (pronouns: he/him), my 4yo daughter (AMAB, pronouns: she/her) Jessica, and my 1yo Samantha (pronouns: she/her). We are located in New England. Jessica and Greg are both D/HH with genetic progressive hearing loss as are several other members of Greg’s family, and our family uses a mix of speech and ASL. Jessica’s hearing loss is currently mild to moderate and her school district is fighting us on giving her the ASL rich placement and supports she needs. Greg’s is severe to profound. Greg also struggles with depression and ADHD. He is also in general more traditional than I am, which as you can imagine makes things…interesting…at times.

(Abbreviations List)

* Names and some identifying details may have been changed to provide some degree of anonymity (I may or may not change my mind about wanting anonymity later), but otherwise the experiences and stories are real.

Last updated: 8/7/18